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“The Three Foolish Fools” by Deryn Tirion

A comedy, inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer’s Pardoner’s Tale from The Canterbury Tales, this re-telling retains the medieval setting and historical background of regular outbreaks of the Plague. The story takes place in and around a small village inn, The Spotted Rat and in the local Cobweb Woods.

The characters are all very different and have their own tales to tell, but everyone agrees that the Grim Reaper and Master Plague need stopping in their tracks!

Deryn Tirion is the in-house playwright for The Drama School and this is the first production of “The Three Foolish Fools”.

First performance at The Drama School in the United Reform Church, Heavitree, on Sunday 12th March at 6:30pm before performance at The Shaftsbury Theatre, Dawlish on Saturday 18 March.

“Mezzalchemy” is the Intermediate Acting Company at The Drama School Exeter.