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Our junior and intermediate groups meet regularly to take part in a wide range of activities and performances.

As students progress through the groups, we gradually introduce a range of performance skills through different forms of writing and literature to inspire them, such as verse and poetry, prose in the form of myths and legends, fairy tales, interesting stories and, later on, plays and great writers for the students to explore through performance.

Mezzasparks Our starter group is aimed at students aged between 5-7 years old meets on Saturdays between 9-10am during term , and Mezzadventurers for 8-10 year olds meets on Saturdays between 9-10am during term time. Through a range of games and activities which become increasingly complex and more skill based as they gain experience, we aim to provide students with develop opportunities to work together to support their performance and communication skills.

Mezzaspire – Our Junior group  (ages 9-12) meets on Saturdays between 11:45am-1:15pm during term time.

We use a series of drama games which everyone will be able to manage while we assess their level and ability and we all get to know each other whilst having fun. The last thing we would want is for children to feel unable to manage; confidence is so critical for Drama, so it’s best to start with the achievable.

These games are really useful in Drama, they are used differently from “party” games in that we are focusing on speaking and listening, observation, voice work and clear speech, memory, concentration, portraying feelings and emotions, using facial expressions and physicality, building confidence and trust and many other acting skills.  The children can start to make friends and trust each other.

As we go on, the games become more complex and we introduce improvisation and role play so that the students can explore different characters and learn how to create them realistically and interact with other characters. We teach them to react and respond in character.

Drama is learnt through games, role play and improvisation until children have the ability to manage a production or a play using the skills they have learnt.  We are keen that children have fun whilst they are learning and that they suddenly realise how much they know later on when they start to put it into practice in plays!

The children may use puppets to tell stories or use costumes and dressing up to create characters. Sometimes we use story telling or pictures to stimulate imaginations. We use a whole range of activities to promote excellent acting and communication skills.

Our approach is a gradual building of in-depth, individual skills, rather than the instant more superficial showy methods, so this takes time, but leads to much greater ability in performance, presentation and gives students lifelong transferable skills.

Mezzalchemy: Intermediate Group (ages 11-14)

As the students gain skills and become more confident, they will probably choose to start doing plays from time to time. We use one act plays which are not too long. Depending on numbers and abilities within the group, we bring them a selection of plays for them to look at and from which to choose. They may select from a wide range of styles, from comedies and classics through to plays about heroes and villains or war.

If they are ready, and they all want to, they may be offered opportunities to enter a play in The All England Theatre Festival and so take their play to local theatres with paying audiences and have a real theatrical experience.

Some of their classes will be workshops on theatre and acting skills. They will do lots of improvisation so that they learn to use their imaginations quickly and become responsive and spontaneous actors.

The Intermediate group currently meets on Thursdays in term time, between 5-6:30pm