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The Drama School Record of Achievements

LAMDA and Vanguard Examinations
The Drama School students have an outstanding record of success over many years through very high Examination Results. Students almost always attain Distinction and Honours, with the majority achieving marks in excess of 90%.

High marks have been awarded consistently across all Grades and Levels reflecting the excellent teaching on offer at The Drama School, as well as the students’ own commitment and enthusiasm.

Festival Awards and Trophies
Since first entering The All England Theatre Festival for One Act Plays in 2005 our students have won countless trophies for their productions, regularly winning Best Youth Production, Best Play, Best Runner Up, Best Director and many more. We have often represented Devon in further rounds.
The Drama School End of Term Awards
We have a number of trophies which are awarded each term for excellence, hardwork and progress in various categories and age groups.

The Awards will be given at the end of a Showcase Evening or at special Awards Event.

The trophies are displayed on our Trophy Shelf in The Drama School and are awarded as a public recognition of achievement and we hope they will be aspirational.[/fusion_text]

Annual Youth Open Shakespeare Festival
The Festival is a Celebration of Shakespeare’s Work designed to:
Encourage the enjoyment of performing Shakespeare
Promote the exploration of the relevance and genius of his writing
Bring his work to a wider audience in an entertaining or thought provoking way.

The Drama School Shakespeare Awards will be awarded to the Best Performers asjudged by an independent Adjudicator.
Best Duologue Age 15 – 20 Time limit 4 – 5 minutes
Best Duologue Age 12 – 14 Time limit 3 – 4 minutes
Best Solo Age 15 – 20 Time Limit 4 minutes
Best Solo Age 12 – 14 Time Limit 3 minutes
Best Scene Age 15– 20 Time Limit 6 – 7 minutes
Best Scene Age 12 – 14 Time Limit 5 – 6 minutes

Certificates of Participation will be awarded to all entrants.

Those achieving a high standard will be marked Honours, Distinction or Merit.

Open to students from any school or organisation or to individuals.

Entry Requirements
Students must prepare short scenes to perform to an audience.
They must learn lines thoroughly, explore the text, subtext and characters indepth and perform the scenes skilfully.
Entrants must prepare a short summary of the play and explain the context of their scene in writing for inclusion in the Programme. They should provide an illustration or photograph to accompany the text.
Props and small items of furniture may be used.
Very small items of scenery or set may be used.
Costumes may be worn or rehearsal blacks.
The background provided will be black.

Solo – One performer playing one character
Duologue – Two performers playing two characters
Scene – Three or more performers playing one main character each.  Messengers or very minor characters may be doubled by members of the cast if needed.
We generally advise students to choose characters of the same gender as it is much more difficult to achieve believability when playing the opposite sex. However, bearing in mind the total ban on women taking roles in Shakespeare’s time, we also welcome your own interpretations and choices.
Entrants should have a person acting as Prompt at the side of the stage area.

Teachers or responsible adults must accompany entrants and all visitors under the age of 16, as chaperones and stage crew as needed.