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Drama and the other Arts are often relegated to second class subjects these days. But what would the world be like without Storytelling, Theatre, Film, TV, Poetry, Music, Song, Dance, Art and Design? We would lose all our culture; these arts are the avenues in which we express and share deep human emotions, thought provoking ideas and interpret our world. Life without culture would be a frightening and gloomy place.

Drama makes us laugh and cry, it entertains us and explores what is happening in the world, often confronting our complacency and making us think about things in a different way. In repressed societies the Arts are often the channels of hope through which people express their ideas and challenge regimes. Playwrights and writers are often in the forefront of revolution!

Why is drama important?

We believe that Drama significantly helps young people to develop as mature, confident and well rounded adults. Drama students study the human condition through the exploration of significant writers, performance, in-depth discussion and research.

We witness our students develop their thinking and become more aware of the lives other people lead. They become less insular, more outward looking and they find a much greater understanding of how other people’s experiences affect their behaviour and attitudes. This equips them to go out into the world confidently and respectfully.

We find that students gain a deep sense of the benefits of working cooperatively, the joy of working hard together to achieve excellence and the importance of respecting each other’s individuality within the group.

We see students glow with pride when they have worked hard and achieved success. Their self esteem grows and they feel empowered to do more.

We aim to recognise and acknowledge achievement and teach our students to use criticism as a valuable tool to help them improve their work and progress.

We encourage students to honour commitments, to finish projects and to see themselves as a valuable member of the whole group. We expect them to support and respect each other, to learn to trust and rely on each other.

We want students to feel safe to push themselves to meet challenges, to experiment in their work and undertake a wide variety of performance styles.

What will Students Gain?

We provide aspiring and talented young performers with exceptional theatre, performance and communication skills and knowledge so enabling them to audition for Drama School and University with confidence.

Students will gain outstanding communication skills, a deeper understanding of human nature, a wider knowledge of important writers and a greater curiosity of life which will take them into new areas of research and knowledge.

They will emerge better equipped to cope with life, ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future and able to contribute as valued people on whatever paths they choose to take.

For many students, Drama is positively life changing. Participating in exciting projects results in students forming strong friendships, finding vastly increased confidence and self esteem and a realisation that they can do things they hadn’t previously thought possible.

What Will I Need?

Students are encouraged to wear “Rehearsal Blacks” for performance classes; black long sleeved T-shirts, comfortable black jogging trousers or similar and soft black shoes such as plimsolls or jazz shoes. We find that students who are dressed for Drama are more focused and energetic!