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Click here for the Welcome Information. Please be aware that by sending your son or daughter to our classes, you are accepting The Drama School Exeter Ltd. Terms and Conditions.

All fees are payable in advance termly or by agreed instalments. All classes must be paid for in full.

Missed Lessons
If a teacher misses a class and we are unable to provide cover, you will be offered an alternative class to make it up. No refunds are given for missed classes.

We regret that we are unable to make up lessons you miss. We will try to organise a swap for exam classes, if given enough notice of absence, but cannot guarantee that this will be possible.

Notice and Commitment
At least one term’s written notice is required in lieu of fees please.

We encourage our students to value being part of a team, to enjoy learning to work together, to respect each others’ work and to be reliable. We encourage students to see each others’ work, help in support roles and inspire each other through trust and commitment and so feel part of a vibrant and enthusiastic theatre group.

If a student takes part in a play they must commit to the end of the play, so that the production is protected. Other students will have put a lot of effort into rehearsals and line learning.

Costumes, props and scenery will be started well before performance, so a lot of time and expense will have gone into any production. Dates may be uncertain at the start.
Examination students need to commit to finishing an exam course. Most students work with a partner who will have also made this commitment. Teachers need to be kept up to date too.


Suitable Clothes and Shoes
Students will need comfortable black clothes and soft black shoes for rehearsing and for examinations. Please check what is needed before purchasing. I have a range of suitable black clothes and shoes which may be hired for examinations.

Most students will need scripts or books from time to time. These may be available from libraries or may need to be purchased. Some scripts may be borrowed from The Drama School, but must be returned in good order or a charge will be made for a replacement. We will email Examination Pieces if possible, so that you can just print out replacements at home.

Punctuality and Respect
Students should arrive to lessons and rehearsals on time, ready to participate. They should behave appropriately, be prepared to work with all other students and show respect for everyone’s work and individuality. In the event of unacceptable behaviour we will contact you to seek a resolution.

Communication and Privacy
We send you information via email as this keeps costs down and is reliable and quick.

The current Newsletter with Term, Examination and Performance dates, latest news and information will be on the website.

You will receive your personal account with lesson days and times via email at the start of each term.

Older students are asked if they would like to receive emails about their courses personally as this is sometimes more effective. They can also ask their teachers questions directly and receive replies.

We do not share your contact details without your permission; however it is a good idea for Drama Partners and their Parents to be in contact.

Please send messages and enquiries through email initially and if you need to discuss something we will arrange a phone call. This is because we prefer to avoid disrupting lessons.

Health and Safety and Insurance

We have Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Cover for our students at our venues and when they are out on trips with us. It is only possible to insure against the most serious eventualities such as permanent injury, so if you require a higher level of insurance, please consult your own insurer.

We take all reasonable precautions to prevent accidents, but Drama is a physical activity and there is always a risk of falling or bumping. We encourage everyone to wear suitable clothes and shoes to reduce this risk.

There is a stair gate fitted at the top of the stairs which is kept closed whenever the Costume Room door is opened to prevent slips down the stairs. It may also be closed when younger groups are using the upstairs room.

Students are requested to use the stairs sensibly; no running, no pushing and no sitting on the stairs when people are using them.
Our staff members receive First Aid training in order to deal with accidents and emergencies correctly.

In case of serious injury an ambulance will be called and, if possible, a member of staff will attend the hospital with the student. Parents will be notified immediately.

Leaving the Premises
Over 16s may come and go as they wish.
Under 16s must stay on the premises unless they have parental permission to go out unaccompanied. Please fill in this section of the Permission Form on your Enrolment Form as appropriate.

We expect all our students to behave considerately and respectfully to staff, visitors and to each other. We foster a caring and supportive atmosphere in which everyone can be a valued individual as well as loyal team member.

We expect students to be willing to work with all other members of their group and make everyone feel welcome and equal.
Students should be willing to accept direction and value constructive criticism.

Staff Support
We are happy for students to drop in for a chat or a cup of tea, as long as we are free. We will listen, help and advise our students as much as we can. Students can arrange a time to visit in advance if they need a bit of extra support.