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Performance Examinations
for Everyone

Acting • Speaking Verse and Prose • Public Speaking•
Devising Drama • Public Speaking•
Mime• Solo • Duologue • Group


LAMDA courses are well known and long established courses which  allow students, through practical communication and performance assessments, to gain skills which will significantly enhance their life opportunities. LAMDA’s examinations  provide each and every learner with the skills and the confidence to succeed in life. The courses compliment the work of the Vanguard Examinations, and many students follow both courses. The Advanced grades attract UCAS points.

LAMDA’s performance and communication examinations use drama skills to develop self-confidence, physical presence and a strong speaking voice.

Following an Acting course helps to develop a strong speaking voice and good memory skills by learning and performing monologues and duologues. Courses and designed for solo or duologue performances.

Devising courses are designed to develop creativity by exploring ideas and themes, and realising them through devised dramatic performances. Courses are designed for solo or duologue performances.

If you wish to develop a strong speaking voice and memory skills, our Speaking Verse and Prose and Public Speaking courses are designed for individual candidates. Explore a wide range of texts or develop essential skills for constructing and delivering talks, presentations and speeches.

For more details about the courses we offer, or for guidance about the most suitable course, use the information on our contacts page