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Here at the Drama School, Exeter, we run a variety of courses that lead on to examinations. The exams are open to everyone – from aged five to adult – from Preliminary Grades to Advanced Level. We also run short courses specifically designed to prepare students for auditions and a series of different acting workshops throughout the year.

Performance Examination Courses
Examination Boards: LAMDA and Vanguard and Arts Award

Examinations are open to everyone – from aged five to adult – from Preliminary Grades to Advanced Level.

Subjects Available:
• Acting*
• Shakespeare Acting*
• The Speaking of Verse and Prose
• Poetry Speaking
• Prose Reading
• Improvisation*
• Mime*
• Spoken English
• Public Speaking
• Musical Theatre*
• Arts Award

All subjects can be taken by solo performers.

* These subjects can also be entered in pairs or groups.

Some Poetry, Communication and Speaking Lessons can be shared but examinations will be individual.

Solo and Duologue Performers receive an Individual Mark and Individual Assessment Report.

Group performers receive a Group Mark and a Group Assessment Report.

All successful Performers receive Certificates and Medals as appropriate.

Vanguard is a smaller Examination Board with the same high marking standards as LAMDA. The two Examination Boards complement each other very well and many students do both in order to maximize their learning and qualifications.

Audition Preparation for Drama School or University

We offer Short Courses specifically designed to prepare students for auditions.

We have 100% success rate in helping students gain entry to the institutions of their choice whether they choose Drama School or University.

Groups, Plays and Productions

• Groups for Improvisation, Theatre Skills and Short Plays – All Ages
• Festival Plays for Older Students, One Act Plays entered into The All England Theatre Festival Competition
• Full Length Plays for Performance locally
• Theatre Skills, Theory and Technique Classes
• Choir – Leading to Performance locally
• Community Pantomime/Production
• National Theatre Connections Play

All students are eligible to join an acting group for their age and level.

Festival and National Connections Groups are open to experienced students through audition or invitation only.

In-house plays and productions are open to all, through application followed by auditions for parts.

Before auditioning or accepting a role in a play, students must ensure that they are fully available for rehearsals and performance dates.

Having accepted a role students must commit to the play until it is concluded in order to protect the rest of the cast from the play being cancelled.

There will be longer extra rehearsals before performance, including technical and dress rehearsals which will take place on weekends nearer the performance dates.

Workshops throughout the Year

• Acting Skills
• Shakespeare
• Commedia dell’ Arte
• Improvisation
• Directing
• Singing
• Poetry
• History of Theatre

Holiday Courses

• A Play in a Week
• Understanding Shakespeare for Performance
• Directing in the Amateur Theatre
• Graded Examination Preparation for Teachers – Refresher and Guidance
• Dramatised Poetry
• Poetry Reading
• Commedia dell’ Arte – Masks and Tumbling

Examination Courses
Students will be supplied with some items, such as printed copies of pieces for Examinations and folders. They will need full scripts to read which it may be possible to borrow from The Drama School, but you may have to obtain a copy from a library or purchase one. These can often be found cheaply online.

Students are sometimes supplied with scripts but may need to purchase a working script themselves or through us.
We have an extensive Costume department, but we may ask students to find some items of costume for themselves, especially shoes! We recommend Charity Shops for these searches.

Communication and Privacy
We send you information via email as this keeps costs down and is reliable and quick.

Full Details of forthcoming events and courses will be posted on the website Latest News Page.

Community Pantomimes and Plays

We will be offering members of the community the opportunity to join in annual pantomimes and plays, so if you would like to join us for some pantomime fun or audition for a community play, please get in touch for details.