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After the first article in this magazine, new students have joined the Drama School – a good place to make new friends as well as doing some exciting acting!

In March, at The United Reformed Church, two wonderful productions were performed for residents of Heavitree and families and friends by actors who ranged in age from 14 to 21 of the casts. Both plays went on to perform in the All England Theatre Festivals at The Shaftesbury Theatre, Dawlish and The Blackmore Theatre, Exmouth – and won eight awards.

The Advanced Company “Mezzamorphoses” performed Part One of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – an exciting and innovative production. The company plan to do the whole play in the summer. Watch out for news of this on The Drama School website!
The Intermediate Company, “Mezzalchemy”, performed a brand new vivid comedy play, inspired by Chaucer’s Pardoner’s Tale, called “ The Three Foolish Fools”.

Awards for both plays included:
Three “Best Actor” Awards, “Best Diction and Clarity”, “Best Technical Achievement” for Costumes, Set, Music and Sound effects, Two “Best Play Runner Up” Awards, “Best Youth Play”. There are lots of photos on the website.

New Saturday morning Heavitree Groups are also running

9am–10am: “Mezzasparks” 1 hr (5–7 yr olds) 10.10–11.40: “Mezzadventurers” 1hr (8–10 yr olds)
11.45am–1.15: “Mezzaspire” 1 hr (11–13 yr olds)

Established Advanced Company in Heavitree on Saturday Mornings 10am–Noon: “Mezzamorphoses”
(14 – 18 yrs) 2 hrs (or more for rehearsals).

Established Intermediate Company in Ashburton on Thursdays 5pm–6.30: “Mezzalchemy” for 12–14 years

To book a place, email:
For more details of this, plus LAMDA and VANGUARD EXAM COURSES email or phone: 01626 821425
Look on the website: